If you assume that years of experience, unlimited free time & bottomless financial resources are barriers to helicopter flight & ownership, then you are not any different than we were.  My son, son-in-law, and myself  have enjoyed our trips on the motorcycles, so when sport helicopters came up we thought, sky motorcycles. 

Then came all the myths of helicopter amateur- builds, from cost of ownership, length of time to build, flight safety, where helicopters are allowed to fly, to, you have no chance at a helicopter pilot's license.Hangar 36 was setup to put people like us in the air, with safety, trainingand knowledge.                        

Whether you come to Hangar36 with zero background, or a full understanding  of aviation, we think you will enjoy your experience here . Hangar 36 will amateur-build assist you at our shop to FAA 51% Rule regulations. Club members of Hangar 36 can also help point you in the right direction to complete your helicopter in a timely manner. (Not 10 Years) 

 We started our 1st Dynali H3  build in Belgium, July to August 2016.......

I  returned to Belgium in January 2017 to finish the build and all the documentation that will was needed for future builds in the USA.  I received my H3 July 2017 at our shop in Cincinnati, Ohio and sold our building at the Cincinnati location for an Airfield in Williamsburg, Oh. 2018 was pretty filled with building our new shop and build center. 2019 I finally got to fly off my 40 hr. FAA time and head out on some trips. From here on out I will be posting all updates and trips on our Facebook page @ Hangar 36. At the shop Hangar 36 is normally open 8 to 5, Mon. to Fri., we're usually there earlier  than 8 and hanging out after 5, so give us a call if you need anything. Doing my best to get out and fly to anyplace that will have me, and enjoy these trips just like when we're on the bikes. That's pretty much the reason we started doing this to begin with.     If you have any interest in our helicopters or future plans don't hesitate to give us a call.We look forward to talking with you!

Jay Johnston, Sr. 

Jay Johnston Jr.

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