Welcome to Dynali USA, Experimental Helicopters @Hangar 36

Welcome to Dynali USA, Experimental Helicopters @Hangar 36

Welcome to Dynali USA, Experimental Helicopters @Hangar 36Welcome to Dynali USA, Experimental Helicopters @Hangar 36Welcome to Dynali USA, Experimental Helicopters @Hangar 36


If you like to ride motorcycles like we do, Hangar 36 want​s to​ take the cross country trip up a step.......  A 10,000 ft step    

           With cities getting bigger & more populated, and interstates more congested than ever, its becoming harder to find the adventure and freedom of the road trip . But for those of us that have the itch for a rush of excitement, scratch that itch! We go farther and farther from the beaten path to find that "road", with the adrenaline pumping turns and the breathtaking view. We have found that road! Its time for a  new era, for a revolution in adventure. Let Hangar 36 show you where the roads are endless and the sky truly is the limit. 










  • 01 - You must have your airplane pilots license before you can apply for a helicopter pilots license.                                 
  • Answer ; False - you can go directly into a helicopter training program.
  •  02 - It will take years of training to become a helicopter pilot. 
  •  Answer ; False - FAA rules require 40 hours of training "minimum", before going for your check ride to get your licence.            
  • 03 - You don't need a pilots license. 
  •  Answer ;​ False - license is required. 
  • 04 - You "can not ", under the 51% rule, have any help or instruction in the assembly/construction of your helicopter kit. 
  • Answer ; False - help can be provided by anyone  that you would like to help and  technical assistance from professionals can also be used.
  • 05 - It will take 4 to 10 years to complete
  •  Answer ;​ False - most builds will take 2 weeks, if you want to paint your H3 add another week.
  • 06 -  When the engine in a helicopter stops it falls from the sky like a rock. 
  •  Answer ;​ False - helicopters operating correctly, can be placed into a maneuver called Auto-Rotation that can allow the helicopter to glide to a safe landing if preformed correctly. 
  • 07 - I can only fly to & from airports.
  •  Answer ; False -  if permission is given by the property owner and it is safe to land you are permitted to land there.
  • 08 - I don't have room to store a helicopter.
  •  Answer ; False -  a garage that has a 10 ft high x 8 ft wide x 29 ft length has enough room to store a Dynali H3.
  • 09 - It costs $300.00 an hour to fly a helicopter even if you own it.
  •  Answer ; False -  @ $25.00 per hour for fuel & $80.00 per hour for maintenance,service, and TBO's, the H3 is one of the least  expensive helicopters to operate on the market.
  • 10 -  Helicopters cost 10 ca-billion dollars. 
  •  Answer ; False -  depending on what you order, cost on an H3 is from $140,000.00 to $173,000.00.
  • 11 - You have to be a rocket scientist with a degree in physics to build this thing.
  • Answer ; False -  Hangar  36 will be there through the complete build at our shop with the  51% schedule, build manual, and build log. We will help you through the whole process from your N number to getting started on your 40 hour FAA fly-off  time.

 I see a lot of people on the website from all over the US,Canada, & Alaska. If you have questions please do not hesitate to call, don't think you're too far away, we have a good plan for anyone who wants to fly experimental helicopters like the DYNALI & we will bend over backwards to make it happen. 1-513-541-4744